‘Just You and I’ is a new ministry at Frontline Family Church. With a decline in the family unit, the absence of one or both parents in the home, and an epidemic of divorce, misunderstandings of marriage, it’s commitment and God’s word concerning the covenant of marriage, Just you and I was developed.

This ministry inspires, encourages, and equips those who are married to deal with issues such as spending time together, family and parenting issues, conflict resolution, God’s order in the home, financial peace and planning, and so much more. No matter how long you’ve been married… there is always something to be learned… and at Frontline Family Church we are meeting marriages ‘right where they’re at’ through monthly gatherings, “Date Nights”, weekend retreats and conferences, Community Life Groups and Marriage Enhancement Weekends. Just You and I is in the forefront of the battle to protect and maintain the covenant of marriage and the family unit according to God’s Word.

We’re reaching marriages . . . right where they’re at.